We are a family company whose mission is to build ground support equipment “better than it has to be” so aviation maintenance professionals can concentrate on keeping their aircraft flying.

B.H. McDermott founded McDermott Associates, Inc. in 1954. As a crew chief on a B-17 during World War II he learned the value of reliable, rugged ground support equipment. With this value in mind, he began building the JETMAC line of ground support equipment in 1958. Joined by his brother John and later his son, B.V., JETMAC’s reputation for rugged equipment grew. In 2012, B.V.’s son Michael joined the company.

Over the past half century our products have earned a reputation for rugged reliability among military, corporate and commercial aviation customers. Today, we maintain our commitment to build equipment “better than it has to be” while responding to the evolving needs of aviation maintenance.

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