JETMAC 1006 Series Hydraulic Power Units Overview

Directors of maintenance tell us that they want an HPU that will reliably accomplish their tests every time. So, every JETMAC HPU is:

  1. Powerful enough to deliver rated pressure and flow throughout test,
  2. Configured to fit your testing practices,
  3. Ruggedly engineered to perform every time you test.


Steady pressure and flow are indispensible during test, and power determines pressure and flow. JETAMC HPUs are engineered with 2 horsepower for every 1 gallon of rated flow at 3,000 PSI. This ensures that you get rated pressure AND rated flow throughout test, not rated pressure OR rated flow. Be sure to use this 2HP to 1GPM @ 3,000 PSI test when evaluating any hydraulic power unit to be procured.


You know your testing practices best so you determine the best mix of features. From simple units that deliver pressure and flow to one system, to units with completely independent systems driven by separate motor and pump combinations that simultaneously deliver different pressure and flow to separate systems. The variety of features available means that your HPU will fit your operation. Review the list of available options in Configure Your JETMAC 1006 Series HPU.


JETMAC HPUs are engineered to last, inside and out, so you can count on it to perform test after test, year after year.

  • Dual Pump Configuration – Our 1006 Series HPUs incorporate a dual pump package standard. Made up of one charge pump and a main pressure pump, the charge pump ensures a constant supply of fluid to the main pump, preventing cavitations and extending the life of the main pump. Fluid is directed through a custom machined aluminum block manifold.
  • Main Pump – We feature Oil Gear PVG Series pumps in all 1006 Series Hydraulic power units. These pumps are strong and durable to deliver decades of service.
  • Cabinet – Our 1006 Series cabinets consist of a reinforced steel base and top cabinet piece that are bolted together at the end of the manufacturing process. Both pieces are welded, never riveted, to give years of solid performance. All cabinets are powder coated to look great and last for years.
  • Custom Manifolds – We machine our manifolds in house from raw blocks of aluminum to exacting standards to ensure years of leak-free performance.
  • Components – A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. So all components incorporated into the 1006 Series units are from top manufacturers like Parker, Pall, AeroQuip, McDaniel, Gates, Schneider Electric, and Hedland to ensure top performance and long life.